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Whether you are brand new to grant writing or wanting to refresh your skills this course is for you. Included in this membership is the workbook, private Facebook group, 3 Ask The Grantbuilder mentoring sessions, a 25% off discount on Grantbuilder products and services, and enrollment in one online workshop of your choice.


VIP Suite

The ultimate grantwriting course. Learn the basics of grantwriting and receive one on one guidance, tips, tricks, and secrets from The Grantbuilder. This course includes the Grantbuilder workbook, all offers included in the basic membership, a 50% off discount, 1:1 consultation, Hands-on practicum and much more.


Grantbuilder Academy Breakdown

Asterisk (*) = Features exclusive to VIP Member Packages

Each package is available for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

Self-study-The Grantbuilder Workbook (4th Edition) is presented in a set of narrated slides that cover Modules 1 through 15. A 10-question multiple choice quiz is provided at the end of each lesson, as a way to test understanding of the topic covered.The following resources are included at the end of each workbook module:

  • Key terms and concepts
  • Review Questions (open-ended)
  • Additional Questions: Multiple Choice, or True or False
  • Application (hands-on learning activity)

“Ask The Grantbuilder (Live online group mentoring session)-Scheduled weekly, a 90-minute session is facilitated by a seasoned grant writing professional or nonprofit expert.  Each session includes the brief overview of a topic pertaining to grant writing or grants management, an interactive hands-on learning activity, and the opportunity for Q&A about anything related to grants.

Monthly Roundtable*-Scheduled for 1 or 2 hours based on the topic, each roundtable provides more intensive training support in small group settings of 10-15 individuals. This format allows for more in-depth discussion and Q&A. Additional roundtables may be scheduled each month to address needs based on your client demographics and/or program focus areas (i.e. children and youth, seniors, developmentally disabled, ethnic populations, previously incarcerated, LGBTQ; arts and culture, economic development, education, workforce development).

This training platform is designed to encourage peer learning and professional networking among GB Academy participants. Multiple roundtables may be scheduled based on size and specific program interests of participants. VIP members may sign-up to participate in as many roundtables each month as they choose.

Monthly Grant Leads-The Grantbuilder™ compiles and distributes a list of current and upcoming funding opportunities to all members each month. VIP members also receive invitations to all live, online grants research and funding updates, including exclusive quarterly “Meet the Funders” events that allow direct engagement and Q&A with grant funders.

Live, Online Workshops (2-4 per month)*-As a supplement to the Self-study component, a seasoned grant writing professional or nonprofit expert will present a 30 to 60-minute workshop on a topic related to grant making and nonprofit development.

Grant Review Crew Membership*-Facilitated “grant review” panels are convened by The Grantbuilder to provide feedback on grant applications in-progress. VIP members who have prepared drafts of narrative sections, or the full draft of a grant application are eligible. This process will assist applicants with enhancing their grant requests to make them more compelling and competitive. For members who have prepared full drafts, reviews will be scheduled to allow ample time to edits their proposals to meet funders’ submission deadlines.

Professional Review & Edit*-The full review of a completed grant application includes detailed written feedback and a follow-up meeting to allow the member to discuss any aspects of the grant request prior to finalizing the document.

Submittal Support*-The Grantbuilder™ will provide individual assistance with the submission of up to three grant applications. This includes a review of the grant application submission checklist to ensure that all required information and attachments have been prepared per the funder’s instructions.

Grants Management*-The five-part T.I.R.A.C.™ Grants Management workshop provides step-by-step instruction on the fundamentals and best practices that apply to the oversight and compliance requirements for grants from all types of funding sources.

Grantwriting Consultant Course*-This course is available to individuals who have completed the Basic Grantbuilder Course (or equivalent knowledge and experience). A series of modules, workshops and hands-on learning activities include marketing, consultant agreements, billing and recordkeeping, client services management and other areas needed to establish, build and maintain a successful grant writing business. All courses are taught by experienced nonprofit professionals with established consulting practices that provide grant writing and/or grants management services.

1:1 Consultation*-Each VIP member can schedule up to three (hours) of consultation in minimum increments of 60 minutes. Consultations are available for the individual VIP members, or may be used for training opportunities for nonprofit nonprofit staff or boardmember(s).

Grantbuilder Newsletter-An email that contains the newsletter posted to LinkedIn, is sent to all members. Scheduled for publication twice a month, it includes an article devoted to some aspect of grant writing or nonprofit management. Links to additional resources and complimentary downloads will be included in some newsletters.

Discounts/Credits-A discount is available to all members to be applied toward the purchase of Grantbuilder products, services and events. The current discount available for VIP Membership is 50%, and 25% for Basic Membership.

Grantbuilder Academy Members Facebook Access-Currently, Meta/Facebook is the primary platform being used for our members-only online community. In addition to providing a place for peer-interaction, it will also feature live events hosted by the Grantbuilder.

Hands-on Practicum-Individuals who have completed the Self-Study course are eligible to apply for a unique mentoring opportunity to gain hands-on experience working on a Grantbuilder Crew to complete one or more grants for an existing nonprofit organization. Each Crew is supervised by an experienced Grantbuilder™ throughout the process. The timeline will vary, based on the complexity and applicable submission deadlines for grant applications. Each participant will receive a letter of reference from the nonprofit after the completion and submission of the grant application(s) identified for their practicum.